Chile national chapter webinar
National chapters
IAH has 50 national chapters (NCs) including new chapters established during the year in Iran, Lebanon and Namibia. An informal WhatsApp group in Ghana is an initial step towards a chapter.

In 2021 numerous online meetings and webinars were organised by IAH national chapters. Examples include, just to name a few:

  • Australia NC’s online and in-person events
  • Canada NC held webinars and online conferences, including with the Geological Society of America and the Canadian Geotechnical Society.
  • Chile NC organised a number of international presentations and training courses.
  • The Colombian NC uploaded several presentations to YouTube (in Spanish and English).
  • Germany NC launched its online seminar series “What´s new in Hydro“.
  • Great Britain Chapter held its annual Ineson Lecture, combining this with the 2021 Darcy Lecture
  • Italy NC held its annual conference, ‘Flowpath 2021
  • Ireland NC held its annual field excursion
  • Webinars were presented by Mexico NC and by members in Peru
  • The Namibian Hydrogeological Association, IAH’s de facto NC in this country, put on a hydrogeological education and fun walk open to the general public
  • The ‘All-Russian Conference on Groundwaters in the East of Russia’ took place
  • Serbia and Montenegro NC supported the conference ‘Karst: From Top to Bottom’ in Belgrade
  • Spain National Chapter established the Hydrocafe initiative, which aims to encourage early career researchers internationally to share their work

To find out more about IAH’s national chapters, go to the listing here: