IAH’S statement on equity, diversity and inclusion

IAH supports equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in its activities. A summary statement has been drafted to show how we will do this, which is supported by a more detailed document with additional background information. You can find this here: https://iah.org/about/statement-on-equity-diversity-and-inclusion

There are things IAH does already that we believe contribute towards equity, diversity and inclusion. Our graduated membership fees, sponsored members’ scheme and support for lower income attendees at congress are ways that we try to put these aspirations into practice. We are also making videos of some lectures from congresses available on the IAH website, which we hope will help those who are unable be there for various reasons, including family or other commitments, financial constraints, or possibly disability.

Hydrogeology Journal aims for inclusivity by seeking papers from authors and researchers from all parts of the world, who may work under quite different conditions – offering subscription-based publication (no publication fee) or Open Choice and fee discount for IAH members. It also provides English language editing for accepted manuscripts by an IAH-appointed hydrogeologist at no cost to the author. Our Commissions and Networks are open to all. The Burdon Network, in particular,, supports members in lower income countries through funded initiatives and other IAH groups and Funds can be used to support our aims under EDI. Efforts are made to actively encourage those early in their careers, via our specialist network and in other ways.

There is clearly more to do. For example, some members have asked for a better balance between men and women speakers and better representation of the global IAH family at congresses. There are opportunities for all IAH groups and members to contribute and we look forward to realising these objectives in the future.