Looking forward

The number of UN and other activities that IAH is invited to support continues to increase, a response to IAH’s growing reputation, with requests for reviews and help with planning future events. Many activities and web meetings to fall on IAH’s Executive Committee, which is very challenging. It is proposed that a wider cadre of members should be established to address these activities.

ECHN, IAH’s Early Careers Hydrogeology Network, has many energetic and capable members and it is proposed that they should become more involved in the boards of our commissions and networks. This would give younger members opportunities to help these important IAH groups and would provide support for the existing committees.

A proposal to review membership fee categories was agreed by members at IAH’s AGM. The aim is to bring these once more into line with World Bank categories, which is used as an indicator of ability to pay our fees in different countries. Our sponsored members scheme will continue alongside this to help those most in need of our support. In addition, there was agreement to introduce a new category of ‘free student membership’ to encourage more young people across the world, regardless of their means, to join IAH.