National Chapters

Although some of our long-standing chapters have lost members in recent years, the increase in the number of chapters has largely outweighed these losses. We now have more than 50 national chapters across the world and have had enquiries from Afghanistan, Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Malaysia and Zimbabwe.

There has been a great response from our national chapters to World Water Day 2022 and this ‘year of groundwater’.

  • IAH Italy NC published the English Guidelines for Groundwater Flow and Heat Management in Tunnels https://www.
  • Our Central European Group brings together several National Chapters from Central Europe and held its 5th conference in the spa city of Rogaška Slatina.
  • Our Cyprus NC held the 12th International Hydrogeological Conference, on “Groundwater resources, protection and management in our ever-changing environment”.
  • The IAH Japanese chapter and the Japanese Association of Groundwater Hydrology co-hosted a joint international session with 50 participants.
  • South Africa NC’s conference was held online, enabling many more students to be involved, including those from neighbouring countries.
  • IAH gave the keynote presentation: “The Mysterious Groundwater: Sustainable MAR Technology” to the Shenzhen Women Scientists Association and SUSTech at Chinese New Year.
  • IAH Georgia NC, joined with the Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, the Faculty of Mining and Geology and Faculty of Civil Engineering, to celebrate World Water Day 2022.
  • Members of IAH Canada National Chapter were part of a panel of leading hydrogeologists from across the country on World Water Day.
  • Our Poland NC invited members of the public to pump the amount of water they use each day from a small borehole.
  • To celebrate ‘Weltwassertag’, the German Chapter of IAH was joined by the Bavarian Minister for the Environment to ‘further the understanding of groundwater and promote IAH’s mission’.
  • “On the occasion of World Water Day in 2022, dedicated to groundwater, the associations of hydrogeologists joined the Manifesto for groundwater in Spain, with the aim of conveying to the public and their representatives the importance of this natural resource.”